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Elite Engineering- Being One Brand for Fin Press Machine and Tube Mill Rolls
January 10, 2019

Elite Engineering is the leading manufacturer of Turbulator fin machine, radiator fin machine and Clinching machine for sale where each unit is expertly designed with industrial quality material and efficiently serves the purpose. The unique facet of the organization lies in its capability to manufacture best-in-class Fin Machine and Clinching Machine in a broad range of formats. The option confers clients a privilege to pick one as per the need of the individual or the organization.

Some of the best fin press machines available at Elite Engineering

Turbulator Fin Machine

Turbulator Fin Machine is one of the best-selling segments designed to produce strip Input Speed Up to 200m/min with a cutting rate 100 cuts/min. The machine specification is absolutely jaw-dropping as it is manufactured to yield high performance. Turbulator Fin Machine delivers fin height ranges from 4 -10mm, fin width of 10 to 300mm and Fin length 150 to 1200mm.

Oil Cooler Fin Machine

Our oil cooler fin machine is a state-of-the-art Fin press machine that has strip input speeds up to 200m/min and cutting rate 100 cuts per minute. As per machine specification, the oil cooler fin machine has a fin height range to 4 -10mm, fin width 10 to 200mm and fin length 50 to 1200mm.

Reciprocating Fin Press

Our reciprocating fin press is top of the line heat exchanges designed to blend with multiple uses of applications such as aerospace,     cryogenics, industrial and automotive. Elite Engineering reciprocating fin press are capable of working with aluminium, copper and stainless steel and able to produce Offset, Plain Fins, Multi Offset, Herringbone and Wavey. The machine produces the input strip speed up to 140 strokes/min and 120 cuts/min. As per the specification, the fin height is 1.8 to 10 mm, fin press width 10 to 900 mm and cut off Length 40 to 1500 mm.

Highlights of Elite Engineering Automated Clinching Machine

At Elite Engineering, our customers around the globe highly trust us for a broad range of clinching machines for sale, which also includes automated clinching machine, tank clinch machine, radiator tank clinching machine and many more. Each unit is designed with high-quality material and efficiently serves the purpose of joining metal work pieces by bending two metal substrates via punch and die.

Our Automatic clinching machine doesn’t require external hardware and doesn’t produce any fumes or sparks. In other languages, the entire process becomes safe where clinches are performed with minimal vibration and tolerance. For someone who’s looking for a high-end clinching machine with reliability and conjoining metal substrates, our extensive range of clinching machines for sale is quite a deal to grab immediately.

FAQ’s of Elite Engineering Clinching Machine are:

  • How Does Clinching machine work? Clinching machines, also known as press-joining machines, are high-speed mechanical fastening equipment specifically intended for joining sheet metal components. The unique facet of clinching is that it doesn’t require any consumables or pre-drilled holes and joining can be performed in simple steps. The working mechanism is not so difficult to understand where the punch is forced into the sheet and form a mechanical interlock button.
  • What is Automated Clinching Machine used for? Clinching machine are mainly used for non-visible and non-critical joints and the materials that can be efficiently clinched are low carbon & micro alloyed steels, zinc coated, pre-painted steel, stainless steel, organic coated steels, aluminium alloys, etc.
  • How much does an automatic clinching machine cost for installation and operating? Though the typical cost of installation and implementation vary as per customer location and area, the overall cost falls under your budget. Besides, clinching machines can be easily automated where its inexpensive nature requires minimal maintenance. If we have to cut to the chase, the overall cost of installation is inconsistent because of labor costs, tooling and electricity and does changes from small or portable clinching machines to automated clinching machines.


About ‘Elite Engineering’

Elite Engineering is a trusted organization for a broad spectrum of Fin mills core builders, associated equipment and tooling. We have been in business for more than 25 years and have never disappointed any of our customers with quality, durability and performance. Since our organization adhere ISO-9001 Standards, one can expect best-in-class equipment all the time.

Other than clinching machine and fin machine, Elite Engineering also deals in core builders, tube mills, core builders tooling, tube rolls, quality & Jordan equipment, stuffing & tool handling systems. Our registered offices are available in London, Hong Kong, China, USA and soon we will open our first branch in India. To speak with our expert, one may reach us via a phone: +44-191-6453211 (London), +86-15822122204 (China) and +1-843-2779592 (USA).


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