Find Reliable Digital Height Gages for Broad Range of Measuring Task

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Digital Height Gages

Are you looking for a digital height gaging system to get an accurate and efficient measurement? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. Digital Height Gages has been remarked as an incredible piece of versatile tech to determine the specific height of a particular object, and it is regularly in use for precise measurement. The majority of engineers and experts see it as a precision measurement tool to find the distance between the center and also used for monitoring the highest and lowest point within a sweep. Since the Digital Height Gages is equipped with an electronic data collector, this makes the process of measuring center-to-center distances speedy and straight forward.

Digital Height Gages System- Extreme Precision and Accuracy

The 2d measurement mechanism ensures effective monitoring during manufacturing operation or process. At Elite Engineering, we follow the International Standard and offer you impeccable equipment that doesn’t disappoint in terms of quality, performance and durability. With the Digital Height Gages System, your operations will run as smoothly as possible where you can perform a range of measuring tasks quickly and reliably.

The key features of Digital Height Gages are:

•    Digital Display Monitor

•    Motorized movement of the probe

•    State of The Art design

•    DXF export to CAD software

•    Simple control mechanism

Digital Height Gages is a modern-era tool which helps in attaining assembled length, precision height and straightness. Digital Height Gages has a unique mechanical alignment feature that helps to ascertain the squareness of parts on a surface plate. To learn more about Digital Height Gages, simply make your next stop at

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