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November 30, 2018
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January 15, 2019
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Elite Engineering, from the past 25 years, has been setting up a solid benchmark in the global industry with an impeccable range of fin press machines and tube mill rolls. Each unit is expertly designed to withstand long periods of time and can deliver exceptional performance. In the span of two decades, Elite Engineering has never disappointed with industrial grade machinery and thrives to bring updated equipment at a feasible price range.

Fin Press Machine for Sale

High-speed Fin press machine for heat exchanges is engineered to meet balanced production needs and extremely compact to place in limited floor space. Elite Engineering brings you fin line component options which confers you a privilege to have a combination for an optimal arrangement. The dedicated professionals really come in handy in picking up the finest fin machine that fervently meets your needs.

Each of the Fin press unit is technically the most advanced high precision machine available in the today’s marketplace and ensures the utmost performance edge in the midst of operating speeds and the highest forming forces which ensure precise thickness and thinness.

Highlights of Reciprocating Fin Press

  • Application– Expertly designed to be used at aerospace, cryogenics, industrial and automotive.
  • The Fin Machine can use aluminium, copper, and stainless steel.
  • The reciprocating fin press can produce plain fins, offset & multi offset, wavey and herringbone.
  • Performance- Reciprocating fin press machine is able to generate input strip speed upto 140 Strokes/Min and 120 Cuts/Min.

Tube Mill Rolls for Sale

Tube mill rolls are a modern machine; designed for all types of industries and highly reliable in producing round or rectangular pipes and tubes. The equipment is extremely reliable for steel re-rolling, copper & wire rod rolling, metal forming and pipe & tube mills.

At Elite Engineering, you’ll find a broad range of tube mill rolls equipment, which is the latest in the segment, and we sell them at affordable prices. The Tube mill; machine doesn’t disappoint in terms of forming and calibration, which are predefined and adapted to your requirements.

Highlights of Tube Mill Rolls

  • Applications– Aluminium of Type B & C, Multi Port and CAC Folded.
  • Offer high-end performance– The equipment is able to build high Input strip speed which ensures- 200 Cuts/Min (at speed of 120m/Min), 250 Cuts/Min (at speed of 150m/Min) and 400 Cuts/Min (at speed of 200m/Min).

To explore all your options and have a remarkable price quotation on fin press machines and tube mill rolls, do make your next stop at www.elite-engineering.com

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