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February 15, 2019
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Clinching Machine for Sale

Clinching machine is a cost-effective process of joining sheets of metals, and perhaps the safest one without any spark, fumes or risk caused by spot welding. In clear-cut language, Clinching Machine is the quickest and most reliable method which doesn’t create heat and doesn’t require a pre-drilled hole for adjoining. The mechanism is pure high-speed die and punch which forces the two layers of sheet metal into the void and forms a permanent connection forming a ‘clinch-lock’. Here’s the amount of pressure strengthen the joint and directly impacts the life expectancy of the die.

The unique facet of these machines lies in their ergonomic design which makes them adaptable to various work situations where complex welding or riveting works are strictly prohibited, especially Automotive and Oil & Gas industry.

SomeBenefits of Clinching Machine Are Listed Below

  1. The adjoining process does not require heat, adhesives, rivets or bolts.
  2. No electrical hook up is required.
  3. It is the fastest and most consistent way to join metal.
  4. Clinching machine minimises the damage to the metal piece during the process.
  5. It ensures a safe & clean working environment.
  6. High-speed die and punch mechanisms join together the different types of material.
  7. The machine requires minimal maintenance and can be further customized as per the requirement.

About ‘EliteEngineering’

Elite Engineering is a leading supplier and manufacturer of a broad range of fin machines, core builders, tube mill rolls, and clinch machines. Since Elite Engineering is being managed by a team of proficient engineers and adheres to the international manufacturing standard, as a customer, you won’t be disappointed with the performance, durability and sturdy-built quality. Ever since we incorporated, we have kept the zing to be called a trusted brand for high-end fin press machines and clinching machines for sale.

Elite Engineering Clinching machine is a production-orienteddevice that can work with steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and many other metals at a rapid rate. One can use different tooling (punches & dies) depending on the type and thickness of a material.

If you wish to learn more about Clinching Machine or have a question, simply make your next stop at As a leading organization, we promise a lifetime satisfaction at an economical and competitive price. The commitment to international quality standards, transparent business deals and time-bound delivery does ensure the best in class services.


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